Charity Case Wines

A few months ago, I received two wine samples from Charity Case Wines, the 2008 Rosé and the 2009 Sauvignon Blanc. I wanted to share these wines and their noble cause with a larger group of people. A Father’s Day/birthday cookout was the perfect occasion. The wines were a big hit and the guests were amazed at the quality of the wines made by Jayson Woodbridge, owner and winemaker of Hundred Acre and Layer Cake Wines.

If you like tropical fruit, apricot, peach, spice, and vanilla, then you will enjoy the barrel-fermented (100% new French oak) Sauvignon Blanc ($14.99). If you like red fruit flavors like cranberry, raspberry, and strawberry, then you will enjoy the Rosé ($14.99).  Both can be ordered through Vintage Point.  If you are interested in purchasing the wines and the website says they’re not available in your state, contact Charity Case Foundation about how you can purchase them.

According to their website, Charity Case Foundation is “devoted to raising funds for to support local non-profits, providing services to children and their families.”  The idea of the foundation was conceived by Napa Valley winemakers. The small-batch wines are handmade by volunteers from donated fruit and juice. All of the net proceeds are donated to Napa Valley non-profit services that serve children and families in need. The organizations that will benefit from this year’s wines are: Aldea Children & Family Services, Cope Family Center, Foster Kids Receiving Center, Wolfe Center, and Teen Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program.

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