Kung Pao Chicken and Foris Gewürztraminer – A Match Made in Heaven

2007 Foris Gewürztraminer

I remember this moment. I was with my boyfriend in Roanoke, Virginia, and we had ordered Chinese to take back to our hotel for dinner. I nearly always order Kung Pao chicken. I brought a wine that I had in my refrigerator, a Sauvignon Blanc. I posted a pic online and a friend said, “Next time you order Kung Pao chicken, pair it with Foris Gewürztraminer. You will thank me later.” Sure enough, I did, and I discovered the perfect take-out meal. I know it might be a bit late, but thank you!

My local Chinese restaurant certainly isn’t fancy and the Kung Pao isn’t the best (I am in Southwest Virginia, not New York or San Francisco!), but the combination of the chicken’s warm, spicy brown sauce really brings out the best in the Gewürztraminer.  It’s a dry Gewürztraminer, yet it’s so floral and sweet with that sauce. It’s not a sugary sweet, but a delicious and balanced combination of fruit, acidity, and spice. I feel quite heady after having it. My words can’t do this pairing justice. Trust me, you have to try it yourself to believe it.

The current vintage of the Gewürztraminer is 2008, but I purchased the 2007 vintage in my local wine shop for $12.99 + tax. I believe they had more in stock, so I need to return tomorrow and stock up. But it matters not, because you can always count on Foris’ wines to be consistently good across vintages.

2007 Foris Gewürztraminer
100% Gewürztraminer
100% Estate Grown, Gerber Vineyard, Rogue Valley
13.65% Alcohol

For more information about Foris’ other amazing wines:
654 Kendall Road
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523
Telephone (800) 84-FORIS or (800) 843-6747

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