The thirstygirl Ghiradelli Intense Dark Tasting: A Lesson in Improvisation

Ghiradelli Intense Dark

Last night I was scheduled to participate in the thirstygirl Ghiradelli Intense Dark tasting and I had a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon selected for the occasion. A couple of hours before the start, I went to open the wine and my corkscrew easily slid the cork into the bottle instead of removing it. The cork was apparently loose and the wine was oxidized. In fact, this was the second time this week I opened a wine that turned out to be oxidized. The other was a 1997 Pinot Noir with a broken cork. Can you imagine how disappointed I was?

I live 20 minutes from the closest wine and beer shop, so I just had to make do with what I had on hand, which turned out to be a bottle of Samuel Adams Black Lager, their version of a German schwarzbier. I must admit, I was very curious about pairing beer and chocolate. The website suggested that the Black Lager would pair well with chocolate, and the label described it as featuring caramel and chocolate malts. So Sam Adams it was and it worked! The Black Lager paired well with the various chocolates I tasted, the 60%, 72%, and 86% cacao Intense Dark bars. The beer’s roasted, caramel-chocolate notes complimented the semi-sweetness of the chocolates. That being said, the chocolates themselves were amazingly rich and decadent all on their own. Even better, when you purchase Intense Dark, there is a code inside each bar. When you enter the code online, Ghiradelli will donate $1.00 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Chocolate for charity? Yes, please!

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  1. this was the second time this week I opened a wine that turned out to be oxidized
    well… I’d rather say Piano Briefs 😀

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