#TGTaste with thirstygirl® and Chocolate Shop Wine

Chocolate Shop Wine red wine infused with natural dark chocolate

On Wednesday, February 15, I participated in thirstygirl‘s first #TGTaste of 2012, which featured Chocolate Shop Wine‘s chocolate red wine, made of a proprietary red wine blend infused with natural dark chocolate. I received two sample bottles, compliments of Chocolate Shop Wine.

I was a bit hesitant in tasting a chocolate-infused, sweet red wine, like I was with the Croft Pink Port tasting last year. But what I most appreciate about thirstygirl® #TGTaste is the opportunity to step out of my “flavor box” and try something unique and different. And again, I was not disappointed.

I didn’t pair my wine with any foods. When I first tasted it, my immediate thought was chocolate-covered cherries. In my mind, I was taken back to my childhood Christmas celebrations, where it wasn’t Christmas unless we all received a box of chocolate-covered cherries. That being said, it wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting.

Some of the tasters paired their samples with salty foods, such as blue cheese, bacon, pork, and even venison jerky, and found the matches to work perfectly with the wine. Others paired their samples with desserts and red fruits like strawberries, and those pairings worked, too. That’s the beauty of #TGTaste, the variety of ideas shared in an hour-long discussion of wine and food. I’m glad that I took a chance on this chocolate red wine.

The specs:

BRAND NAME Chocolate Shop
FANCIFUL NAME The Chocolate Lover’s Wine
BLEND Red Wine infused with Natural Dark Chocolate
SIZE 750ml


  1. Lots of buzz on this wine lately – sounds more appealing than the Chocolais we tasted last year, especially paired with salty – I’m a sucker for bacon. Thanks, Beth

  2. I, too, am a sucker for bacon! I’d definitely prefer pairing this wine with a contrasting flavor, not something else sweet. 🙂

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