My Preferred Wines

I’m not sure if My Preferred Wines found me or I found them, but through social media, we connected, and I’ll be tasting a couple of their wines over the next few weeks and participating in a Twitter tasting next month. I love their concept and I’ve already discovered wines that I want to buy!

I asked the man behind My Preferred Wines, Galen Struwe, to share some information about this new website and he replied,

The site will be the premier, online wine store front for limited release and artisan wines. The wines will always be a great value. Oenophiles will find Napa Cabs and other reds in our store starting as low as $9.95 and reaching $70.00 for off-the-charts, delicious Oakville and Rutherford wines. Our different membership levels range from complimentary to Collector, always with our eye on presenting exceptional wines. We love winemakers in a big way.  We love their stories, their passion, their reason for making wine. These are the things that wine drinkers love about them, too. My Preferred Wines is also a portal, a portal to share the joys of wine. Wine is inherently social.  It makes us gab, it makes us open up and share who we are. We’ll have conversations with our winemakers so that our consumers can feel connected to them. Wine is fun, right? 
Muscardini Syrah and Meander Cabernet Sauvignon from My Preferred Wines
Galen also wanted me to let my readers know about some special spring offerings. The Muscardini Rosato di Sangiovese is on sale for $9.95. It’s a limited production wine from the famed Monte Rosso vineyard in Sonoma. Passaggio Wines Chardonnay and Passaggio Pinot Grigio by winemaker Cynthia Cosco are also available for $16.95 and $15.95 respectively. To find out more about My Preferred Wines, please follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information.


  1. Thanks for the great post – My Preferred Wines is a great concept and awesome portal to aome fantastic wines…

    And yes Galen…Wine is Fun!!!

    Cynthia Cosco

    1. That’s why I love this portal so much. It engages wine consumers not only with the wines themselves, but also with the winemakers like you. I love making human connections.

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