2010 Foris Pinot Blanc

Foris’ 2010 Pinot Blanc arrived as part of a shipment of complimentary samples a week or two ago and this was the first wine I couldn’t wait to try. Thankfully there were two extra bottles of Pinot Blanc included, because one is never enough of this wine.

Although Pinot Blanc is often underrated and under-appreciated, I find it to be a very food-friendly wine. This vintage from Foris is no exception. When I first tasted the wine without food, my first thought was green apples and citrus, with great acidity. I sipped it over the course of a couple of days with a variety of foods (and broke some of the wine/food pairing rules, I’m sure): fried chicken, an egg roll, hot and sour soup, and bratwurst. With food, the tartness gave way to a sweeter fruitiness. It complimented all of the foods I tried.

Next time you’re thinking about purchasing a white wine that goes with nearly everything, consider Pinot Blanc and this stellar offering from Foris.

2010 Foris Pinot Blanc, Rogue Valley, Oregon
88 points, Wine Enthusiast
$13.50/bottle at foriswine.com
Also part of the current Foris Wine Special
Cork closure
Alcohol 13.6%

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