2007 Foris Vineyards and Winery Merlot

While Foris Vineyards and Winery is primarily known for their wonderful Alsatian-style whites and Pinot Noir, the winery also makes a Merlot. I brought the 2007 Merlot to a Memorial Day weekend cookout because I thought it would be a good choice with the brisket that was being served. I was right. The Merlot’s velvety mouthfeel and black cherry flavor were the perfect accompaniment to the hearty, juicy, tender brisket. I took home leftovers of both the wine and the brisket (lucky me!) and they were just as good the first day as the next.

Foris Merlot would be great with most red meat cookout staples, such as barbecue, burgers, ribs, sausage, and steak. You also can’t go wrong with the price, $17.00/bottle at foriswine.com. Pick some up for your next summer cookout.

SRP: $17.00 (foriswine.com, media sample graciously provide by Foris)
Appellation: Rogue Valley, Oregon
Blend: 100% Merlot
Alcohol: 13.3%
525 cases produced

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