This is NOT White Zinfandel: 2011 Passaggio Rose Colored Glasses Rosé

2011 Passaggio Rose Colored Glasses Rosé

My friend Cynthia Cosco, winemaker at Passaggio Wines, has done it again. She’s taken a unique blend of grapes, used stainless steel fermentation, and created a wonderful and different Rosé. The blend is 82% Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel, 18% Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, but the 2011 Passaggio Rose Colored Glasses ($17) is NOT white Zinfandel. I repeat, NOT white Zinfandel.

The names of Cynthia’s wines are reflective of her beliefs and outlook on life. Those of you that know her and have followed her passageway (passaggio) from law enforcement officer to winemaker know that she follows and lives her passion daily. Her positive outlook on life is realized in this wine’s name, Rose Colored Glasses, inspired by her mother’s rose colored glasses.

As you can see from this bottling video, this Rosé is possesses a gorgeous, deep color, almost a blend of magenta and salmon, if you will. It’s equally loaded with the bold and lush red/dark berry flavors for which Zinfandel grapes are known, but with a refreshing twist. Cynthia says on her website that this wine is “awesome by itself or with grilled foods.” I tried it by itself and with my leftover Holy Shiitake Pie from Mellow Mushroom, as Zinfandel is a recommended pairing with earthy mushroom dishes. The Rosé is a juicy and delectible treat with or without food.

If you’re interested in the Passaggio Rose Colored Glasses Rosé or Cynthia’s other offerings, New Generation (unoaked) Chardonnay, New Generation Pinot Grigio, and the upcoming Social Justice Pinot Noir, there’s now a Passionistas Wine Club. You’ll never be without Cynthia’s current releases ever again. Happy Wine Wednesday 4th of July!


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