The Wine Shield

The Wine Shield

The first thing I must do is apologize to the Wine Shield. A representative sent me a sample last year, and to be honest, a bottle of wine at my place only lasts two, maybe three days maximum, and I usually use a leftover Zork wine closure for wine I plan to finish within 24-48 hours of opening. However, I finally needed to store wine for longer than a couple of days, so I tried the Wine Shield. It is basically a floating lid that you put into a bottle of wine to slow oxidation and to guard the aromas and flavors for up to five days. I think this product would be useful for times when there are larger volumes of wine opened for consumption, like a party or at a restaurant, when one may end up with many leftover bottles of wine that one can’t finish over a day or two.

I am happy to announce that it worked as described. It minimized oxidation and the wine tasted almost as good as when I had it the first day. I wondered how safe the Wine Shield was, but according to the website, it’s BPA-free and made from FDA-approved, food contact-safe material. The product is also green, a 10% wine waste saving, it saves a carbon footprint estimated at 500 times its footprint. So the next time you have an event that calls for lots of wine, or if you aren’t one to finish a bottle over the course of a day or two, give the Wine Shield a try.

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