A harvest and cellar update from Mike Anderson of MTGA Wines (see my Oct 3 post)!

MTGA Wines

Harvest Update – Vintage Three:

As luck would have it the 2012 harvest season coincided with my first release.  As most folks in the wine industry will tell you, things love to pile up all on the same week or weekend.  Just to make things interesting!

The 2012 Merlot was all hand-picked and came into the winery on September 23rd, a whole month earlier than both 2010 and 2011.  After one day yeast was added to get the fermentation going.  Nine days later, after hand punchdowns in the morning and evening, the Merlot was pressed off and barreled down to begin the aging process.   The three tons of fruit that came into the winery yield six full barrels of free-run juice, meaning no pressing was necessary.   After all of the free run juice was extracted a very light pressing cycle was then used to extract what was left of the best…

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