Getting the skinny on Skinny Vine

Skinny Vine Wines
Skinny Vine Wines

I have to admit, I am probably not the target market for Skinny Vine, although it might not be a bad idea to indulge in these wines occasionally to save some calories for more food. However, I am always open to explore new ideas in wine, so I said yes to #TGTaste with Skinny Vine. Skinny Vine is a new line of wines with 25-30% fewer calories. The lower caloric content is due to lower alcohol content. In the production process, some of the alcohol is filtered away, leaving a full-flavored, lower-alcohol, lower-calorie wine. Once released nationally, the wines will retail for $11.00 per bottle, so they will also be lower in price than many regular wines.

I wasn’t sure which wine to try first. I read the tech sheets and decided upon order of perceived sweetness, from drier to sweeter. I opened the Slim Chardonnay first (86 calories per 5 oz. pour). It was very flavorful, with decent acidity and lots of citrus, melon, stone fruit, and a hint of vanilla from a bit of oak integration. It was light bodied, yet full of flavor. I tried the Thin Zin next (89 calories per 5 oz. pour). Also light bodied, it was sweeter with flavors such as black and red berries, candy, and spices. Lastly, I tried the Mini Moscato (96 calories per 5 oz. pour), which is made from a combination of Muscat of Alexandria, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, and Orange Muscat. It was the sweetest of the three, with flavors of apple, honey, pear, and stone fruit.

In spite of being lower in alcohol and calories, these wines packed a nice flavor punch. They would be be perfect for warm-weather sipping, making wine spritzers and cocktails, or anytime you just want to indulge with fewer calories. The wines will be distributed nationally after the holidays, just in time for our New Year’s resolution diets.


  1. Why not just pay for real wine with full alcohol content and drink less and throw some ice cubes in it?? Your paying for watered down wine?? I never understand how people get so suckered in because it has tag words like SKINNY…LOW FAT….please…you are just wasting your money on watered down wine. UGH!

    1. I am definitely a person that prefers “regular” wine and am not the target consumer for this product, but I agreed to participate in a tasting and review the complimentary samples sent to me. And you as a consumer have the right to purchase what you like, as allowable by law. That being said, this wine isn’t “watered down.” In fact, adding ice or water to “regular” wine doesn’t remove alcohol or calories, either. The reason this wine has fewer calories is because some of the alcohol is filtered away in the production process, so one is left with a wine with fewer alcohol and thus, fewer calories.

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