2009 Buena Vista Pinot Noir, Carneros

2009 Buena Vista Pinot Noir, CarnerosOn Tuesday, January 22, 2013, I participated in a Twitter tasting sponsored by Boisset Family Estates and Boston Wine Expo. The French professor in me was excited to tweet with a Francophone, Jean-Charles Boisset, the President of Boisset Family Estates. It had been way too long since I had that opportunity, so I tweeted mostly in French.

I received my complimentary sample shipment the day of the event. When I opened the box, I discovered that I had a Pinot Noir that no one else had received, instead of a Chardonnay. So when life hands you a wine that you didn’t expect, you taste and review it.

I followed the conversion about the Chardonnay and realized I was missing something special, but after tasting my Pinot Noir, perhaps I was the special one. The 2009 Buena Vista Pinot Noir ($21-$27 retail) benefited from the longer Carneros growing season, which was evident in the ripe, juicy aromas and flavors of black cherry, cranberry, raspberry, and strawberry, with just a touch of spicy cinnamon and vanilla. I’m a tolerant taster who enjoys a fruit-forward Pinot, so this was a palate match. I kept thinking, “If only it were Thanksgiving, as this Pinot and its food-friendly acidity would be the perfect accompaniment to that meal’s rich cuisine.” Thanksgiving in January? Why not?

Feeling like I already know some of the Boisset Family Estates team through this social media experience, I am looking forward to tasting more of their wines when I attend the Boston Wine Expo in February. Maybe I’ll even meet Jean-Charles Boisset in person at one of his seminars. Santé!


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