My Return to One Flew South

I’ve written about One Flew South before, but a restaurant this great deserves another mention. Yesterday I had the pleasure of being in Atlanta longer than planned, which always means a visit to One Flew South. It’s the best way to celebrate being stuck in Atlanta.

The restaurant itself, designed by the Johnson Group, pays homage to a rare pink marble quarried in Jasper, Georgia, while the ceiling and flooring are made of native heart pine. There is also a 30-foot pine and Cherokee marble sushi bar. The walls are made of slatted wood planks.

One Flew South offers a global menu with dishes made from regional foods and ingredients, as well as a full sushi menu. It also has an extensive wine, cocktail, and beer list.

Concourse E Kobe Burger
Concourse E Kobe Burger

When I visit One Flew South, I usually order from the food menu. Last night, I revisited the Concourse E Kobe burger paired with a glass of 2010 Marc Brédif Chinon (Cabernet Franc). The wine is complex and rich, with black cherry, cranberry, and vegetal aromas and flavors and a bit of spice. It holds up well to the half-pound, juicy Kobe burger, which in my opinion, is one of the best burgers ever made. The condiments include goat cheese, shiitake mushroom spread, frisée, tomatoes, and pickles. It’s cooked to order, of course, even medium rare if you wish, and accompanied by five-spice fries.

I don’t hope for delays in Atlanta, but when they occur, the first place I think of is One Flew South. You should, too, the next time you find yourself stuck in Atlanta.

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