The second full day of the 2013 Wine Bloggers’ Conference, I participated in live wine blogging with red wines. I decided to stick with the same formula as for the whites and rosés: take a photo of the wine, write a brief review, and post simultaneously to Instagram and Twitter. I also posted this session to foursquare and my Facebook fan page. Below are my mini, first-impression reviews and links to photos.

#wbc13 #wine @CedarCreekWine ’10 Pinot Noir: raspberry, strawberry, tart cherry, great acidity.

#wbc13 #wine @quails_gate ’09 Pinot Noir: nice red berry flavors, good acidity on the finish.

#wbc13 #wine @bench1775 ’11 Cab Sauv/Merlot blend: black cherry, dark fruits, mint, vanilla.

#wbc13 #wine @LFNGWine ’10 Portfolio Bordeaux blend:  luscious black cherry, lush mouthfeel.

#wbc13 #wine ’09 @McWattersWine Meritage: blackberry, blackcurrant, tart cherry, soft & silky mouthfeel.

#wbc13 #wine @HillsideWines ’09 Cab Franc: cherry, cranberry, dark berries, raspberry, tea.

#wbc13 #wine @SummerhillWine @EVKWine ’06 Cab Franc: aromatic, red fruits, silky mouthfeel.

#wbc13 #wine @mtboucheriewine ’09 Zin: Primitivo-style, aromatic, nice berries and spice.

#wbc13 #wine @dangelowinery ’07 Sette Coppa Riserva, Bordeaux-style red: blackcurrant, chocolate, coffee, mint, vanilla.

#wbc13 @perseuswine 2010 Tempus Syrah: velvety black fruits and spices. #yum #wine

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