Wine Holiday Gift Ideas: ThinkEco²

ThinkEco² Logo (
ThinkEco² Logo (

As a wine lover, I am always searching for new wine accessories. In fact, I have written about one of my favorites, The Wine Check, and I’ve shared Wine Gadgets That Don’t Suck over at Plum Deluxe, my other writing gig.

I often receive wine samples from suppliers and end up with lot of wine and no place to store it. After reading a fellow wine bloggers’ post about ThinkEco², I entered a Facebook contest to win a ThinkEco² wine rack (retail price $47.99) and I won. The timing could not have been more perfect. Now all of my wine is stored properly (for now), thanks to ThinkEco².

ThinkEco² is a company in San Diego, California who creates handcrafted, eco-friendly garden planters, outdoor furniture, wedding décor, wedding gifts, wine gift boxes, wine racks, and other green gifts out of reclaimed, repurposed, and upcycled products. They will also create custom orders by request. The products are 100% recycled cedar and made in the USA. ThinkEco² is both eco-conscious and philanthropic.

My ThinkEco² Black-Framed Wine Rack
My ThinkEco² Black-Framed Wine Rack

The wine rack I received holds 12 bottles. It is made of made of 100% reprocessed, unfinished cedar, except for the black frame. No two racks are exactly the same due to the variations in wood. The bottom is branded Recycled by ThinkEco². The rack is compact and sturdy, perfect for my apartment. It is also designed for small spaces, so it will fit in a closet, under or on a counter, or in pantry.

If you are looking for holiday gifts for the wine lover or others in your life, you can feel good about purchasing from ThinkEco². Their products are for sale at Etsy and they have wine racks in different sizes and colors.

For more information about ThinkEco², please visit them on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. This is an excellent gift idea for the wine lovers in our lives. Love that it is made from reclaimed wood. Thanks for the share and helping cross at least one person off my list.

    1. Thank you so much, Jodie! I love that it’s reclaimed, too, and that it’s made here in the USA! Cheers!

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