Why not wine accessories!

It’s been a couple of years since I wrote an entire post about a wine accessory. Accessories are not the primary focus of my blog, but since I live a wine lifestyle that also includes travel, I can make a few recommendations without hesitation. A few of these accessories I received as samples, some I purchased, but all of these I use in real life, so it’s easy for me to recommend them to you as possible holiday gifts for the wine lover in your life.

Waiters Corkscrew By My Wine Passion
Waiters’ Corkscrew By My Wine Passion
Waiters’ Corkscrew By My Wine Passion – Professional Double Hinged Opener (sample)
The winery where I used to work had a similarly styled corkscrew except it was all metal, so this one wasn’t completely new to me. However, as someone who works in the wine business, you can never have too many corkscrews because you end up leaving them places or having them confiscated while traveling. This corkscrew is great for everyday use and for travel. It’s double hinged and had a nice weight to it. I think the plastic handle gives it more grip than an all-metal body. The foil cutter is longer than most and is very sharp, so keep that in mind and use with care. (available at amazon.com)

Vinomaster Rabbit-style Wine Opener
Vinomaster Rabbit-style Wine Opener
Vinomaster Rabbit-style Wine Opener (sample and gift)

I have two Vinomaster openers, a review sample and one I received as a gift, and I could not be happier. I have a traditional Rabbit opener, but this version is slimline and easy to use. Just lift the lever, fit and insert the corkscrew, close the lever, then lift the lever. To remove the cork from the corkscrew, pull the lever down again. There’s an extra worm  included and a lifetime warranty on the opener. (available at amazon.com)

Haley's Corker®
Haley’s Corker®
Haley’s Corker® (purchased)

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed Haley’s Corker®, as this is my favorite home accessory second to wine openers. I use mine daily and many wineries use them as well. This little flip-top pourer does so much: it provides drip-free pouring, it’s a stopper and re-corker that allows you to keep leftover wine for another day, it filters sediment and tartrate crystals, and it aerates the wine as you pour it. This little baby is the complete package. (available at amazon.com)

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick
My Wine Passion Chiller Stick
My Wine Passion Chiller Stick – Aerator, Pourer and Cooler (sample)

This is a multi-use, all-in-one wine tool, which eliminates spills, keeps the wine cool in the bottle while consuming, and aerates the wine. The stick, when frozen, keeps your wine chilled in the bottle. The pourer at the top, with its silicone ring, allows wine to be poured through a spout, which also serves as an aerator. Clean up is easy as well. (available at amazon.com)

DripTeez Drip Stoppers
DripTeez Drip Stoppers
DripTeez Drip Stoppers (samples; previously reviewed)

The owner of DripTeez reached out to me and asked if I would like to try some samples and I said yes. The premise is to stop wine from dripping and running down the bottle, which I know happens to all of us from time to time. I was pleased to discover that not only do they work, they are also handmade in the United States. They can be custom made with your favorite bling or logos. Wine is meant to be fun and DripTeez is a practical, playful way to stop drips and dress up your wine bottle.

The Wine Check™
The Wine Check™ (even my cat loves it!)
The Wine Check™ (purchased more than one; previously reviewed)

In late summer 2010, I decided to take a Labor Day weekend trip to Napa and Sonoma. I wanted to purchase wine, but the first time I had visited the area in 2009, I ended up purchasing wine and paying a fortune to ship it back. Before I departed on my trip, I noticed a new product called The Wine Check™. It is a bag with wheels that holds a 12-bottle wine shipper box, made for transporting wine and other bottled liquids. The best feature besides the wheels is that it weighs under 50 pounds when full, so no you will not incur an overweight baggage fee. It is also less expensive to check this bag than to ship a case of wine. I was the company’s first online customer and test ordered it to be delivered to my hotel in Napa. I checked my wine with the airline and it arrived home unbroken. For over five years, I have used my Wine Checks and have never worried about my wine arriving intact. The Wine Check™ is available directly from the manufacturer and other retailers. Some wineries also sell a branded version. You can also order ahead from the manufacturer and they’ll deliver to your Napa or Sonoma hotel.

wineskin® (photo credit: wineskin.net)
wineskin® (photo credit: wineskin.net)
wineskin® (purchased)

If you only need to transport a couple of bottles of wine in your luggage, you can’t go wrong with the wineskin®. It is bubble wrap for wine that it can be sealed to prevent leaks if the bottles break. However, in all of my years using these, bottles have never broken. You can find the wineskin® with both adhesive and velcro seals. I reuse mine and they have held up after repeated use. (available at amazon.com)

Happy holiday shopping!


  1. We love the Wine Check, so much so that we sell and distribute it here in Europe through http://lazenne.com! We will definitely have to try out some of your other wine accessory recommendations, Elizabeth! Cheers, Paul

    1. I love my Wine Checks. I own three, including the original purchased in 2010. The winery where I work now also sells them. 🙂

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