Refresh Glass: A Refreshing Approach to Upcycling

Refresh Glass Packaged
Refresh Glass Packaged

A couple of months ago, a representative of a company called Refresh Glass emailed me. I am still a little confused how he found me, as he emailed me at an unpublished email address, not my blog email address or website contact me form. He asked if they could send me a set of their personalized glasses that might be a good idea as gifts for my clients or employees. I don’t really have any either, but I told him I had blog readers that might be interested in a unique, creative gift idea. I meant to write about the glasses in my last post about holiday gift ideas, but somehow they slipped through the cracks.

Refresh Glass in the Box
Refresh Glass in the Box

Refresh Glass is an American company based in Tempe, Arizona that makes glassware and other décor from repurposed wine bottles. The company collects their bottles from local businesses like bars, hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Approximately 20,000 empty bottles are collected monthly, then are rinsed, de-labeled, fire-polished, and processed for increased durability. Owner and Founder Ray DelMuro’s creation of Refresh Glass is a follow-your-passion story that began shortly after ordering a bottle-cutting kit in 2008 and realizing he might be onto something. You can find Refresh Glass drinkware in such businesses as Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton and Wolfgang Puck. You can use the glasses for all types of beverages.

Refresh Glass 16oz Glasses in Assorted Colors
Refresh Glass 16oz Glasses in Assorted Colors

Refresh Glass crafts glassware in different sizes from the bottoms of wine bottles, in either 12oz, 16oz, or 18oz sizes, as well as shorter-style, clear bourbon glasses. However, since wine bottles come in all sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, each glass is different. Personalization of the glasses is also available. The company also makes carafes, planters, and votive holders, as well as sells the used wine bottle caps and corks so that nothing goes unused. Refresh Glass glasses are available in sets through the company website as well as One can choose specific color or assorted color sets. Bulk pricing is also available for orders of 32 glasses (or eight four-packs).  Prices start at $8.00 for an 18oz individual amber-colored glass, $10.00 for a Mommy Juice glass, or $24.00 for a set of four amber-colored 12oz glasses. The Refresh Glass website has a nice gallery of photos, so that customers can see the glasses being used in various locales.

If you need a last-minute gift idea, non-customized versions of these glasses can be purchased and shipped two-day air from Refresh Glass or via Prime shipping at

Bottoms up!


    1. I agree! I love them! Oh, and I updated the link. It looks like 11 sets of the 12oz glasses have been sold since last night. I hope I helped that happen. 🙂

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