A Couple of Weekend Whites

It’s been a crazy busy month, so much so that almost all of my posts were written prior to March 1 and scheduled in advance. Originally my plan was for March to be a dry month. However, early on, I changed my mind. I was thirsty to try new wines. Below are a couple of weekend whites, ready for spring and summer sipping.

2013 Coquerel Terroir Sauvignon Blanc
2013 Coquerel Terroir Sauvignon Blanc

I’ve become picky about sauvignon blanc since I moved to the Napa Valley. Many of them are produced like chardonnay and they turn out overripe and overly oaked. I’m happy that the 2013 Coquerel Terroir Sauvignon Blanc, Walnut Wash Estate Vineyard, Calistoga, is not either of these. Sure, it has some welcomed creaminess from seven month of oak aging and weekly stirring of the lees, but right out of the gate springs vibrant acidity and a burst of bright, tart citrus. The added time in the bottle has made this wine better, a playful balance of texture and fruit.  It’s fantastic. I paired this with amazing veggie pizza from Pizzeria Tra Vigne. Coquerel only produced 145 cases of this wine, so if you want any, it won’t last much longer. ($32, sample)

2014 Cave du Roi Dagobert Riesling Racines et Terroirs
2014 Cave du Roi Dagobert Riesling Racines et Terroirs

A couple of months ago, a wine business peer in France contacted me about sampling a wine that’s recently secured distribution in California, the 2014 Cave du Roi Dagobert Riesling Racines et Terroirs, Alsace AOC. Cave du Roi Dagobert, founded in 1952, is a collective of 250 producers and almost 1000 hectares of vineyards. I rarely mention the bottle label, but you can’t help but notice the beauty of this one, which depicts the four soil types from which these riesling grapes originate: marl, limestone, clay, and sandstone. Although this wine has 3.2 g/l of residual sugar, you won’t notice it with this wine’s brilliant acidity and striking minerality. Stainless steel production fermentation and aging allows lemon verbena and tart citrus to shine on the nose and palate, making this a perfect match for seafood, especially shellfish. ($15, sample)

In closing, have I said how glad I will be when March is over? I am thankful that there are only 13 more days remaining. April can’t get here any sooner.




  1. I occasionally ponder a dry month as well…and then look at my calendar for the alcohol-related events I already have scheduled. Then I laugh. The sauv blanc sounds great!

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