Ten Questions for Rhonda Hamlin of The Art of Crunch

Me and biscotti8
Rhonda Hamlin and The Art of Crunch (photo credit: Lisa Markman)

I am thrilled to present my first Ten Questions interview and delighted to introduce you to Rhonda Hamlin, owner of The Art of Crunch and and magnificent creator of handcrafted biscotti. Rhonda and I met a little over a year ago at dinner at Russell’s in Bothell, Washington, and reconnected at a brunch tasting I hosted in Seattle. When I invited Rhonda to the brunch, I did not realize that September 29 was also National Biscotti Day until she shared that with me, so I asked her if she would be kind enough to bring biscotti for us to try. She brought a variety of flavors, including a new flavor test batch. The biscotti was so incredible that I knew I wanted to share her entrepreneurial story and love of biscotti. Below are my ten questions and Rhonda’s answers in her own words.

Tell us about your work and baking background. Was there an ah-ha moment when you decided “I want to bake for a living” instead of doing something else? Please describe.

I had worked in retail for 30+ years, 20 years at Nordstrom, before starting my biscotti business. I have no formal culinary training, just a love for baking and food! I started my company while working in cosmetics at Nordstrom. I had no idea at the time what I was getting into going into the food business.

What motivated you to create your own business?

I wanted more than punching a time clock. I am very grateful for the time I spent at Nordstrom and everything I learned about business, but I wanted to explore having my own brand.

How long has The Art of Crunch been in business? How did you choose the name?

The Art of Crunch is in its sixth year. The name was actually inspired by a men’s grooming line called The Art of Shaving. The crunch factor of my biscotti is very important, so I thought it was the perfect option.

Why biscotti?

It is the passion I have been given!

The Art of Crunch Brunch Biscotti

What are your flavor inspirations? Do you have any favorites?

I have many inspirations. In the beginning, my colleagues in the cosmetics department at Nordstrom and I would dream of flavor combinations at break at the Ebar. Some have been requests and some from Pinterest.  I LOVE to play with flavor!

What do you enjoy pairing with biscotti?

Coffee, wine and beer. Italian tradition suggests Vin Santo wine, but Americans love coffee. I collaborate with a local beer tour company in Tacoma called Tacoma Hops and pair biscotti amazingly with beer!

Do you make other treats besides biscotti?

Yes, we have a line of dessert bars and savory crackers.

If you were not making biscotti for a living, what would you be doing instead?

What? Not making biscotti? I was born for this! Of course, I suppose I could go back to cosmetics…

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Anything with food! My daughter and I also love treasure hunting at thrift shops.

Where can we find your biscotti and other baked goods? Do you sell online

There are several locations in the Puget Sound area and in my Etsy store online.

*For biscotti lovers, I recommend The Art of Crunch 6-Month or 12-Month Crunch of the Month clubs. You will not be disappointed.

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