Chefs at Home: Keeping the community spirit up

Heritage Eats

Ben and Ali Koenig opened Heritage Eats in Napa’s Bel Aire Plaza in 2015, a restaurant which serves “globally-inspired, fast-fine food.” Little did they know that they would face some daunting hurdles these past five years, such as the 2017 Napa wildfires and the current COVID-19 pandemic.Their commitment in face of great challenges is to “keep community spirit up and families fed in the face of uncertainty.”

Photo Credit: Phat Salads and Wraps

During 2019’s Kincade Fire, Phat Salads & Wraps closed the food truck to the public, spending a week serving complimentary meals to first-responders and evacuees at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, It was during this time that chef and owner, Tim Bailey, coined the phrase, “Comfort Food for Uncomfortable Times.”



    1. I have and they are great. I just have personal experience with Heritage Eats 🙂 They done a lot of fundraisers for things I am involved in.

    2. Awesome. Phat Salads is donating salads once a week to the Boys & Girls Club of Napa County (available on their website), and the chef in tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo story does, too. That is why I like discovering and writing about these kinds of food purveyors.

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