The Fifth Anniversary of Napa’s Mercadito Food Truck

Photo Credit: Valentín Atayde, Mercadito Food Truck

It is the fifth anniversary of Napa’s Mercadito Food Truck. Many of you know that I have written about Mercadito a few times and tried many of the meals. I am delighted to have a menu item named after me for the anniversary celebration. It is on today’s Thursday, April 8, 2021 menu and is customized to my dietary requirements. It features Liberty Duck carnitas, scrambled eggs, avocado, and cashew crema.

Mercadito’s Anniversary Facebook Post:

Thank you to chef and owner Valentín Atayde for honoring me with a namesake dish. It is in moments like this I realize how much my writing impacts people and businesses.

Mercadito Food Truck is usually located at St Clair Brown Winery & Brewery at 816 Vallejo Street behind the Napa Valley Register building, but also is available for catering and events. Follow Mercadito on Instagram and Facebook (@mercaditofoodtruck) for up-to-date locations, schedules, and menus.

Mercadito Food Truck:

Napa Valley Register story:

Napa Valley Life Magazine story:


  1. The dish sounds fabulous Elizabeth, right up my food alley. I will taste Valentín’s food next time I make it to Napa!

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