Matteo Fecondo joins Vinture Consulting and Matt Parish Wines

Photo Credit: Matt Parish

June 2021 — Matt Parish is delighted to announce Matteo Fecondo to the position of Consultant and Assistant Winemaker for Vinture Consulting and Matt Parish Wines.

Matteo is a native of Ospedaletti, a small town on the seashore of Liguria, Italy. After spending 10 years working in hospitality, he enrolled and graduated in winemaking and viticulture from the University of Milan. Matteo’s first international harvest was in New Zealand, followed by successive vintages in Monferrato, Clare Valley, and Napa Valley before joining Matt Parish for the challenging 2020 California harvest. 

“Anyone who can come through the 2020 harvest with a passion for more has got to be good, and Matteo, despite the challenges, was a superstar, so I’m thrilled he is part of the team, he is going to be a big help as we grow.”

“I’ve been dreaming of living and working in California since I was young. After working with Matt during the 2020 harvest, I am excited to join Vinture Consulting and Matt Parish Wines to work with this amazing portfolio of clients and wines,” said Matteo.

About Vinture Consulting
Vinture Consulting ( is an international winemaking consultancy that works with owners, investors, and industry professionals to successfully establish, manage and grow small luxury brands through to large publicly listed wine portfolios. Clients are in California and other parts of the U.S., and internationally throughout Australasia and Europe.

About Matt Parish Wines
Matt Parish Wines ( launched in 2013 on the platform, and today is one of the largest DTC brands in the U.S. with sales of over 100,000 cases. The portfolio includes wines from the Anderson, Sonoma, and Napa Valleys, El Dorado and Contra Costa Counties, as well as from Spain, Portugal, and France.

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