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100 Days

June 20, 2020 is day 100 of sheltering in place in my single-person household and without full-time unemployment. I had a job that I passionately loved, which began Monday, January 13 and ended Friday, March 13. For those two months, I felt like I had finally discovered my sweet spot, a place where my experience […]

Should Your Winery Engage a PR Agency to Amplify Its Message?

During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, winery doors were abruptly shut to the public. There has been a scramble to revisit – or reinvent – one’s approach to public relations, marketing, and communications, in order to stand out among the crowd of wineries clamoring for sales, especially direct-to-consumer. Partnering with a public relations […]

Take a SIP

“Most impactful was that regardless of circumstances, human connection matters most. Madrigal’s wines are the threads that unite people, whether it be during a pandemic, a celebration, or everyday life. Chris Madrigal and his family personify ‘Nuestra Sangre,’ the bond that holds everyone together, especially in this unprecedented time of challenge.” *CLICK HERE TO READ*

Local exercise options offered online

While not deemed essential, and because social distance cannot be guaranteed, the physical locations of gyms and fitness centers are currently closed. However, remaining active is key to maintaining one’s physical, mental, and emotional health, especially in face of this pandemic. Therefore, a number of Napa Valley’s wellness businesses are offering at-home complimentary and paid […]