2013 Wine Bloggers’ Conference: Live Wine Blogging with Reds

The second full day of the 2013 Wine Bloggers’ Conference, I participated in live wine blogging with red wines. I decided to stick with the same formula as for the whites and rosés: take a photo of the wine, write a brief review, and post simultaneously to Instagram and Twitter. I also posted this session to foursquare and my Facebook fan page. Below are my mini, first-impression reviews and links to photos.

#wbc13 #wine @CedarCreekWine ’10 Pinot Noir: raspberry, strawberry, tart cherry, great acidity. http://instagram.com/p/aUS0SSzawj/

#wbc13 #wine @quails_gate ’09 Pinot Noir: nice red berry flavors, good acidity on the finish. http://instagram.com/p/aUSPLhza_0/

#wbc13 #wine @bench1775 ’11 Cab Sauv/Merlot blend: black cherry, dark fruits, mint, vanilla. http://instagram.com/p/aURsNFTa-5/

#wbc13 #wine @LFNGWine ’10 Portfolio Bordeaux blend:  luscious black cherry, lush mouthfeel. http://instagram.com/p/aURJNGza-B/

#wbc13 #wine ’09 @McWattersWine Meritage: blackberry, blackcurrant, tart cherry, soft & silky mouthfeel. http://instagram.com/p/aUQguaza8m/

#wbc13 #wine @HillsideWines ’09 Cab Franc: cherry, cranberry, dark berries, raspberry, tea. http://instagram.com/p/aUQDebTa7v/

#wbc13 #wine @SummerhillWine @EVKWine ’06 Cab Franc: aromatic, red fruits, silky mouthfeel. http://instagram.com/p/aUPZ1Jza6v/

#wbc13 #wine @mtboucheriewine ’09 Zin: Primitivo-style, aromatic, nice berries and spice. http://instagram.com/p/aUO8EOza6D/

#wbc13 #wine @dangelowinery ’07 Sette Coppa Riserva, Bordeaux-style red: blackcurrant, chocolate, coffee, mint, vanilla. http://instagram.com/p/aUOQcYTa41/

#wbc13 @perseuswine 2010 Tempus Syrah: velvety black fruits and spices. #yum #wine http://instagram.com/p/aUNvWqTa3u/

2013 Wine Bloggers’ Conference: Live Wine Blogging with Whites and Rosés

One of the highlights of the Wine Bloggers’ Conference are the live wine blogging sessions, in which we have an hour to taste 10 wines. This was my second Wine Bloggers’ Conference and I still haven’t mastered live blogging, but I think I’ve mastered live microblogging. Below are my tweets of the wines I tasted in the reverse order that they were presented (@travelwinechick) and links to my Instagram photos.

#wbc13 @terravistawines Fandango: Albariño/Verdejo: almond, citrus, melon, stone fruit http://instagram.com/p/aRnPxlza5D/

#wbc13 @bench1775 ’12 Chill white blend: lemon, stone fruit, acidity, off-dry http://instagram.com/p/aRm0MAza4T/

#wbc13 @quails_gate ’12 Chenin Blanc: bit of Sauv Blanc: honey, citrus, tropical fruits, good acidity, minerality http://instagram.com/p/aRmH-kza3Q/

#wbc13 @cedarcreekwine single-vineyard ’12 Riesling: lemon-lime-citrus, amazing acidity, 2.2 RS. My fav so far! http://instagram.com/p/aRlo2uza2P/

#wbc13 @monsterwines ’11 Riesling: apple, citrus, stone & tropical fruit, acidity, minerality http://instagram.com/p/aRlFxZTa1d/

#wbc13 @blackhillswine Alibi Sauv Blanc/Sémillon: citrus, melon, tropical fruit, great acidity! http://instagram.com/p/aRkfeOza0e/

#wbc13 @graymonkwinery is #BCWine’s oldest family owned and operated winery

#wbc13 @graymonkwinery Pinot Gris: tropical fruit, then citrus; aromatic, good acidity http://instagram.com/p/aRj28wTazj/

#wbc13 @poplargrovewine ’12 Pinot Gris: citrus, stone fruit, tropical fruit, acidity http://instagram.com/p/aRjS7NTayq/

#wbc13 @joiefarm Noble Blend, 5-white, Alsatian-style blend: aromatic, good acidity, slightly sweet. http://instagram.com/p/aRivYjzax3/

#wbc13 @TherapyWines ’12 Fizzio Blanc, Chard/Muscat: frizzante, tree/stone fruits, good acidity. http://instagram.com/p/aRiJpgzaww/