Croft Pink Port: Hey, I found a port I like!

I confess, I was both thrilled and nervous about my first Thirsty Girl #TGTaste online tasting event. I was excited to be invited to participate, but I was also hesitant, as I’ve never been a fan of port. But as it turned out, Croft Pink port is very different and versatile. According to their website and Facebook page,

This innovative new style of port has been made by a new technique which extracts fresh, fruity flavours and delivers a subtle and delicate pink colour. The result is wonderfully fresh and vibrant, full of the rich fruit flavours of Port but with a unique and distinctive appeal.

I learned from the pre-event e-mails, social media posts, and other participants that it can be sipped on the rocks as well as mixed into a cocktail with such mixers as sorbet, Cava, Prosecco, and Verdi, just to name a few. Its sweetness also pairs well with appetizers such as prosciutto and strong cheeses, like blue cheese, in addition to sweets. Head Thirsty Girl Leslie Hartley-Sbrocco even revealed a new cocktail for the event, the Croft Pink “Pink Blossom.” If you’d like other Croft Pink recipe suggestions, please visit their recipe link and view this YouTube video from Croft Pink Global Brand Ambassador, Lorenzo Bakewell-Stone.

I had a such a wonderful time participating in this event that I decided to join Thirsty Girl as both a member and a Chapter leader. Soon I’ll be announcing more information about the Tri-Cities, TN/VA area chapter of Thirsty Girl!